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Quick Guides and Info Requests – Here to Help!

Camlab have introduced two features to their website along with the existing ‘chat live’ function to assist our customers in finding the right products, services and advice.

Quick Guides

Camlab Quick Guide
Camlab Quick Guide



 Click on the icon for access to our quick guide to Osmometers



If you see this icon on the product category then you can click on it to see a summary of the products listed there.

You will see the list of products and the differint features and attributes of each, with a reference to the Camlab product code.

Type this code into the main home page search box, and the item details will be displayed.

It’s a simple improvement but we hope it will make choosing the right product a little easier.

Request Info Icon:

Request Info Icon
Request Info Icon


 Click on the Icon to access the online enquiry form



If you click on the Request Info Icon, this will activate the enquiry form, which you can complete and send to us, so we can send you more information, or despatch one of our product specialists to help you.

Live Chat

Live Support Icon
Live Support Icon




If you would prefer to communicate live with us, then there is the chat live button which you can find throughout the website.

We are always happy to help you, and our team of specialists and customer sevice staff have a broad depth of knowledge. If we don’t know the answer immediately, we will find out and call or email you back, whatever your preference.