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Question: Why should I upgrade my old CO2 incubator to one of the Memmert ICO range?

If your old CO2 incubator has seen better days then the NEW Memmert CO2 incubator might be just what your laboratory needs:

NEW Safety Features:

As the ControlCOCKPIT of the CO2 incubator ICO is battery-buffered, the operating display, logging and CO2 control stay functional when there is a power failure.

The fine-tuned control guarantees that the setpoint temperature is reached without temperature overshoots.

Memmert's new ICO50 CO2 Incubator
Memmert’s new ICO50 CO2 Incubator

TwinDISPLAY appliances are equipped with an overtemperature monitor as well as two high-grade platinum temperature sensors Pt100 for mutual monitoring and operation transfer at same working temperature in case of an error. Particularly in ramp operation, the integrated temperature monitoring system AutoSAFETY can be activated to automatically follow the set temperature with a freely selectable tolerance.

Alarm notifications to your mobile phone:

All parameters are logged FDA compliant and, most importantly for safety: when the individually adjustable ranges for CO2, O2, temperature and humidity are surpassed, the ICO can send notifications to a mobile phone.

Communication Interfaces for Programming and Documentation:

Why is it that most laboratory equipment is still not being used to its full potential? It has long been possible to link, program and monitor it from afar – just like the new Memmert CO2 incubator ICO.

Maximise Hygiene:

Rounded corners allow for easy cleaning of the interior, which can also be sterilised together with all installations and sensors within 60 minutes at 180 °C. No need to remove the sensor as you do with other manufacturers incubators.

4 Models to choose from:

There are 4 ICO CO2 incubators the ICO50 with a capacity of  56 litres to the 240 model at 241 litres.

  • Working temperature range is 5°C above ambient to +50°C. The setting temperature range is 18 to 50°C
  • Humidity settings are 40-97 % rh and rh-Off
  • CO2 control is digital with dual beam NDIR system. with auto-diagnostic system and acoustic fault indication, barometric pressure compensation
  • AtmoControl software on a USB stick for programming via Ethernet interface or USB port


Advantages of the Memmert ICO series:

  • Easy and thorough cleaning: rounded corners as the interior is deep drawn, no disruptive interior installations
  • Heated inner glass door: the appliance reaches the set point temperature faster, no condensation in the interior
  • Battery-buffered ControlCOCKPIT: The operating display, logging and CO2 control are fully functional even during a power failure
  • Visual and acoustic alarm as well as alarm notification to mobile phones if the individually adjustable temperature, CO2, O2 or humidity ranges are exceede
  • Sterilisation programme: 60 minutes at 180 °C
  • Fail-safe, FDA-compliant logging of temperature, CO2, O2, humidity, open door time dataMemmert ICO50