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Question: How can I measure the salinity of Brine?

Answer: a Brinometer!

Brine is simply defined as a solution of salt in water. It has a wide variety of uses from the transport of thermal energy, de-icing the roads or in cooking to preserve meat or vegetables.


The low levels of salinity commonly found in food or seawater can be tested in a number of ways such as on the Laqua Twin sodium meter Laqua Twin salt meter or for a multi-parameter unit, the PoolPro by Myron. Brine however tends to reach much higher salinity levels ranging up to ~26% salt, too high for standard salt meters.


To gauge the strength of a Brine solution, a this Brinometer hydrometer can be used to measure the percentage of saturated solution of brine in water at 15.6°C (60°F). By floating the tester in a brine solution you can easily and clearly read off salinity 0-100%.  The scale is divisioned in increments of 1.0°C with an accuracy of ±1.0°C and adjusted at 15.6ºC.

The material contained within the testers is made of steel shot ballast and synthetic wax resin. If needed, a factory certification is available for the Brinometer at three points of choice.

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