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Quantofix test strips for water testing – quick, easy and accurate

QUANTOFIX® test strips are semi-quantitative in nature. They meet the most important requirements of rapid test strips and are used widely in water testing as an economical way of testing for common water quality parameters like chlorine, ammonium, water hardness and phosphate.


  • Rapid
    Most of the QUANTOFIX® test strips can be carried out in 10-120 seconds. That makes the application very quick.
  • Convenient
    All QUANTOFIX® tests are ready to use kits. They are precalibrated and contain all necessary equipment and reagents. As “labs in a pocket” they are very handy to use.
  • Precise
    The color charts are adjusted and checked using certified standard solutions that are directly traceable to. The user can be sure to receive accurate readings whenever they test.


Methods vary so always follow the instructions that come with the test strips. The method has graphical illustrations to follow and written instructions.


  1. Rinse the measuring vessel with the test solution and fill to 5ml mark
  2. Add 1 spoon of buffer solution to the sample
  3. Add 5 drops of Cl2-2
  4. Shake carefully
  5. Immediately dip the test strip in the sample
  6. Wait 45 seconds
  7. Shake off excess liquid
  8. Compare within 10 seconds with the colour scale

Take note of any interference’s for your particular test method as this can affect the colour intensity or remove it completely.

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If you need a safety data sheet it can be found here, you just need the catalogue number of the product which can be found on the box, i.e. 91317 is Quantofix Chloride test strips


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