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Q. Is there a way to filter viruses out of the air?

A. Yes there is. In response to concerns regarding the cleanliness of air quality in communal rooms and the laboratory, Erlab have launched a new filter for their Halo air filtration system. Erlab are leading manufacturers of filtering equipment to protect the user.

Erlab Halo P

The Halo P has been introduced that filters out gases, viruses and bacterial pollutants from the room. This ensures a high level of air quality without having to rely on HVAC systems, generating substantial energy savings.

The technology fits into the existing Halo units which have been available for some time with chemical filters that draw dangerous or noxious fumes into the unit. The Halo P filter fits into the unit instead of the chemical filter and there are two choices of particulate filter,  HEPA or ULPA filter.

HEPA filters remove 99.99% of particles  down to 0.3 micrometers whilst ULPA remove 99.9995% of particles down to 0.12 micrometers,

The Halo P unit can also be wall mounted should it be easier to do so, or if the ceiling is not suitable.

Decontaminated Air Guarantee

Halo C and Halo P guarantee all labs offices and classrooms are decontaminated from chemical, viral and bacterial pollutants. The Halo C units also have Smart technology which allows for simple and intuitive communication by a light display that informs the user regarding the level of protection. A light pulsing indicator informs the occupants about the performance status of the Halo unit.

Watch the video of halo removing particles from the atmosphere.

For more information regarding Halo C for chemical filtering and Halo P for particulates contact support@camlab.co.uk



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