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Q. Is there a glass bottle designed for scientists with smaller hands and offers better grip?

A. Yes there is, Duran Group offer the YOUTILITY bottle in four sizes all with a unique grip feature that can really benefit people with smaller hands who find conventional media bottles a bit difficult to get a good purchase on.


Features that make the Duran UTILITY bottle unique:

  • Specially shaped gripping zones on both sides of the bottle for easier and safer handling
  • With the new YOUTILITY bottle thread opening or closing the bottle is significantly faster. The thread is fully compatible with DIN GL 45 closures and other accessories
  • The slimmer YOUTILITY bottle shape allows a more optimal use of limited space in autoclaves and laboratory refrigerators
  • A pre-defined labelling area is compatible with the dedicated DURAN® self-adhesive YOUTILITY bottle labels. Creating  your own labels at duranlabels.com
  • Nominal volume is shown at the top of the easy-to-read graduation scale for fast determination of the volumes
  • A range of sequentially sized bottles are available in the four popular volumes of 125, 250, 500 and 1000 ml
  • Glass bottle body is moulded from the tried and tested DURAN® borosilicate 3.3 pharmacopoeial Type 1 neutral glass. DURAN® glass offers very good chemical resistance and high temperature resistance
  • The YOUTILITY bottle has an integrated Retrace Code to allow full product traceability
  • Each DURAN® YOUTILITY bottle is supplied as a complete system, with a pouring ring (cyan polypropylene) and a GL 45 cap (cyan polypropylene)

Amber versions are also available in the same sizes as clear and spare caps and pouring rings. Duran also have multi-coloured bottle tags so you easily identify your bottles from your colleagues ones.

Pouring rings

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