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Q. I need to centrifuge 2ml microcentrifuge tubes and run microhaematocrit?

A. This can be performed using the NEW Ohaus FC5513 centrifuge from Ohaus.


The FC5513 has four types of optional rotors:

  • Angled Rotor which takes 24 1.5/2.0ml microcentrifuge tubes
  • Angled Rotor which takes 24x 1.5/2.0ml microcentrifuge tubes with a sealable biocontainment lid
  • Angled Rotor for 18 2 ml tubes
  • Haematocrit rotor for micro-haematocrit tubes for Packed Cell Volume (PCV)

The FC5513 has a small footprint and state of the art brushless motors for smooth and controlled performance.

If you only need to spin microcentrifuge tubes there is an option to buy the centrifuge with the standard rotor included as a kit.

Adaptors are available for 0.5ml tubes and 0.2/0.4ml PCR tubes.