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Q. How can we ensure the air quality is as clean as possible given the increased risks at work?

A. To ensure that the air quality is as clean as possible from air-borne contaminants there are portable air cleaners available manufactured by Grant Instruments, here in Cambridge.

The UVR-M series of air flow cleaner/recirculators are easy-to-use and designed for use in laboratories, hospitals, research labs, offices and high throughput areas where foot traffic is high like foyers and meeting rooms.

The unit can have either one or two UV lamps. UV-C light is proven to be both virucidal and bactericidal. Its mode of action is by destroying the nucleic acids resulting in disruption of DNA rendering bacteria unable to perform vital cellular functions and the inactivation of viruses.

The user is fully protected from the UV lamps thanks to the unique design which allows air to flow through the unit, cleaned by the UV lamps and recirculated. The units themselves can be wall mounted on mounted on a special trolley so it can be wheeled to where it is needed most.

The UVR-M/Mi are quiet in operation producing 33-37db. This is roughly the same as the noise in a library, and have a very low energy consumption of 150 Watts.

The unit has a timer of between 1 minute and 24 hours for continuous air cleansing. There is also an indicator should the UV lamp fail and need replacing.

The full specification can be found here along with the range choices. For further information or to order just contact Camlab on 01954233110 or email sales@camlab.co.uk