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Q. How can I be sure that the inert gases used in my lab are not causing the oxygen to be depleted?

A. We have a range of Oxygen depletion monitors made especially for this purpose:

The OX-600 Oxygen deficiency monitor is  a low cost option for monitoring oxygen in the laboratory or anywhere where inert gases are present in cylinders or piped in from outside.

Inert gases can rapidly deplete the oxygen in the atmosphere causing weariness and shortness of breath, feelings of choking, wheezing, frequent cough and a bluish discoloration to the skin, at which point it becomes life threatening.


The OX-600 displays O2 levels on the LCD screen and changes colour at each alarm level. The first alarm will sound at 19% O2 and the screen changes to Yellow. At 18% O2 levels the screen then changes to Red and the alarm sounds.


The oxygen monitor is available with a remote sensor with cable lengths from 3-20 meters in length and the meter itself is available as mains powered or battery for remote work areas.

Other Riken Keiki models include the RI-600 Cabon Dioxide Monitor and the EC-600 Carbon monoxide monitor, equally important where high levels could endanger lives in the workplace.









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