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Q. Can I homogenise my samples in a deep well 96 well plate?

A. Yes you can, by using the newest bead mill from Omni Inc, the Bead Ruptor 96.

Versatility Realised – Throughput Enabled

The Bead Ruptor 96 is designed to support traditional milling, cryo-milling, well plate and tube-based bead homogenizing in a single, compact bench-top instrument. The Bead Ruptor 96 is ideal for labs requiring high throughput bead mill processing with the capability to dissociate up to 384 samples per processing cycle. With the stainless steel jar accessories, the Bead Ruptor 96 is capable of performing all milling applications, including dry grinding of grains, powder particle size reduction, dissociation of plastics, plants, seeds, paper products, and drugs.


  • Multiple sample processing modes
  • Sealed stainless steel jars for milling in volumes up to 50 ml
  • Cryogenic milling in stainless steel jars for dissociation of tough materials or heat sensitive analytes
  • Well plate homogenizing in standard SBS format 1 ml, 2 ml and standard well plates
  • Bead beating in sealed micro centrifuge or screw cap tubes up to 48 samples per run
  • High throughput processing: dissociate up to 384 samples per cycle
  • Digital controls to ensure reproducibility
  • Large processing swath ensures high impact forces to dissociate even the toughest samples
  • 30 Hz frequency ensures rapid sample processing
  • Accessories for dry, wet or cryo-grinding
  • Integrated safety lid
  • Wide range of accessories including well plate adaptors, tube holders and sealed jars for wet, dry or cryogenic milling are available
  • High-throughput bead beating in 2 X 2 ml deep well plates, 4 X 1 ml well plates or 6 X standard well plate
  • Dry grinding of powders, ceramics, bones, feed materials, plastics, paper products, textiles and ores
  • Cryogenic milling of tough materials including plastics, plants, tissues, and bone
  • Cryogenic milling of gummy sweets, sticky samples
  • Rapid DNA, RNA or protein extraction from a wide range of materials

Dry Milling of grains, hay, soils, powders ceramics etc

Choose the sealed stainless steel jars for the milling of this type of sample –

The jars are sealed via a screw mechanism with an o-ring interface. Stainless steel jars are ideal for dry grinding or cryo-milling of a wide range of plant based and animal applications including bone, seeds, paper and plastics. Each steel jar has a capacity of 25ml and will accommodate 4-10ml of sample. To facilitate the milling process you will need to use 1 x 10mm milling ball. Larger steel jars are available in 50ml with a 25mm milling ball.

Microplate Homogenisation

Using the correct adaptors, the Bead Ruptor 96 can homogenise samples in deep well 96-well plates. This saves time and the transference of samples, so reducing any contamination during processing. It allows a large number of samples to be processed simultaneously.

Microtubes and screw top tubes.

Using the conventional small homogenising beads multiple tubes can be processed using a special adaptor for this.

These work similarly to the bead ruptor elite and several smaller beads in each tube are used to homogenise the sample effectively. See the application note: Mosquito DNA extraction and High Throughput gene Targeting on Bead Ruptor 96 Bead Mill Homogeniser

This makes the Bead Ruptor 96 the most flexible system on the market today. Watch the video of the BR-96 in action.