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Psst… have you seen the new Lab Offers on Bibby Scientific products?

With their wide product range including equipment from hotplates to thermal cyclers, from overhead stirrers to complex programmable reaction stations, most laboratories will use something made by Bibby Scientific.

Their latest Lab Offers have just been released and offer great savings across products from their key ranges, Stuart, Jenway, Electrothermal and Techne

Be quick – these 4 great offers are only valid for a limited time…

Bibby Scientific products montage
Great new offers across the Bibby Scientific range…

1. Advanced Jenway spectrophotometers for the price of basic models

Jenway 7315 spectrophotometer
The 7315 advanced UV-Vis spectrophotometer

These advanced models include a range of extra features;

  • Measurement modes for absorbance, % transmittance, concentration, spectrum scanning, kinetics and quantitation work.
  • USB port on the front of the unit to store results directly to USB memory stick
  • Store up to 240 methods and copy them across multiple units via USB
  • Enhanced security features allowing methods and settings to be locked to admin users only

All models are covered by a 3 year warranty.

For visible only spectrum, get the 7310 model for the same price as the basic 7300

For UV-visible spectrum, get the 7315 model for the same price as the basic 7310


2. £200 off the Electrothermal IA9100 Melting Point Apparatus

IA9100 melting point apparatus
The IA9100 Digital Melting Point Apparatus

This digital melting point apparatus offers simple operation via the membrane keypad, temperature resolution to 0.1°C and adjustable height viewing arm for comfortable use.

Right now the apparatus is available with £200 off.


3. Digital Hotplate Stirrers from Stuart for the price of Analogue models

US152 Undergrad Hotplate Stirrer
The digital US152 Hotplate Stirrer

The digital versions of the popular Undergrad hotplate stirrers feature a digital display to show the temperature of the hotplate surface, for more accurate control.

Get the aluminium top or ceramic top digital hotplate stirrer for the same price as the analogue versions!


4. Get a free water bath when you buy the Techne TE-10D digital thermoregulator

TE-10D thermoregulator with water bath attached
The Techne TE-10D thermoregulator on a water bath

For precise temperature control, the Techne Thermoregulators offer heating and stirring of the water bath liquid. This means a more uniform temperature throughout the bath – stability at 40°C is ±0.01°C

Choose a free water bath (8L, 12L, 18L or 26L size) when you purchase the TE-10D thermoregulator.


For more information on any of these offers just follow the links above, or contact us