Pipettes / Plastics

Professional Quality Ritter Ritips® for outstanding accuracy available NOW from Camlab

If you are looking for high quality, precision and outstanding accuracy Ritips are proven and tested to provide these standards. Ritips® professional are compatible with the new ripette® genX and a wide range of dispensing pipette systems:

  • Ritter ripette®
    Ripette genX
  • Eppendorf Multipette® 4780
  • Eppendorf Multipette® Plus
  • Brand Handystep® 
  • Handystep® Electronic

These quality tips are made in Germany,come in 9 different sizes have fine conical heads for increased precision at low volumes from 1- 1000 µl

In addition, Camlab offer Ritter bioclean quality tips, these are free from:

  • pyrogene
  • ATP
  • RNase
  • DNA

The Ripette GenX is an electronic dispenser for high-precision dosage applications. Use Ritips® professional tips with the genX to achieve the highest dispensing accuracy.

Operating modes:

  • dispensing with tip-selection
  • dispensing with preselected tip size

A batch corresponding certificate is available from Camlab upon request.

Please go to www.camlab.co.uk for further details on all Ritter products.