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Pocket Meters with a Pedigree….

Horiba Ltd have developed a new breed of electrochemical Pocket Meters




Incorporating 60 years of water quality analyser research and manufacturing technology into one pen sized simple design, testing has never been easier. 

 The comprehensive range of pocket meters employs just three simple steps to achieving results. The meter is calibrated using the standards supplied, cleaned with pure water, the sample is added and the results are displayed, it’s really that simple!! 
Everything you need to perform the test is included in a handy carry case for complete portability, including the standards, pipettes and sample sheets.

The range of meters which include, pH, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Calcium, Conductivity, Nitrate and Salt can perform measurements on a very small sample.  The innovative design employs a flat sensor which allows the metre to accept samples as a single drop, a homogenised solid sample diluted with pure water, or a sample that has been absorbed onto a sampling sheet which is placed over the sensor. The sampling sheets allow the user to take samples from hard objects like glass, metal, textiles and films which would not be possible with other types of electrochemical meters. 


Pocket Meters range from just £181 for the pH Metre to £406 for the Nitrate Meter in soils test kit. For more information please click on the contact form below.