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Palintest Portable test kit for Chlorite

Palintest ChlordioX™ Plus
Palintest ChlordioX™ Plus

The ChlordioX™ Plus builds on Palintest’s innovative sensor technology, providing a new portable testing solution for Chlorite. The ChlordioX™ Plus is ideal for applications such as drinking water, produce washing and paper/pulp bleaching. Using the company’s patented disposable electrical sensor technology and a unique sequential methodology, the instrument offers superior analytical performance compared to DPD or Lissamine Green methods, while reducing the potential for user error.

Palintest’s chronoamperometric method, using the ChlordioX™ Plus , quickly, accurately and precisely measures Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite between 0.02 – 50 mg/l, and Free Chlorine between 0.02 – 10 mg/l. Results are displayed in under a minute for the Chlorine Dioxide and Free Chlorine tests, while the degassing process for determining Chlorite levels takes less than 6 minutes. The kit contains all the equipment required to start immediate testing, including degassing equipment, reagents and sensors for 100 tests of each parameter.

The ChlordioX™ Plus device is battery-powered (4xAA), lightweight (975g), and portable (170×126x116mm), making it ideal for laboratory or field testing. The instrument incorporates a backlit LCD screen and is controlled by a simple to use menu. Up to 500 readings can be stored in its on-board memory, while a waterproof USB connection enables quick downloading of results to a PC.

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