Osmometers and Thermistor Storage


Osmometer mod_200plus
Osmometer mod_200plus


We have just been given a Micro-Osmometer Type 13/13DR that is 10 years old but never used. The sensor/thermistor is dry as the liquid has evaporated from the tube covering it. What is the best solution to use for storing the thermistor in and is it still going to work?


The Thermistor should be stored dry when not in use and not dipped in water or anything else.

To clean the thermistor you should only use DI water or alcohol and a soft tissue.

Never touch the wired end of the thermistor or immerse in liquid.

Storage of  spare thermistor:  Store dry in a plastic tube as delivered to you to protect it against damage.

Storing of the thermistor mounted on the instrument: place an empty sample cup on measuring head to protect the thermistor when not in use.


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  1. What should be the sensitivity of the thermistor That is what should be the minimum temperature difference it should be able to measure?

    1. Hi Ravi
      I have sent you the IQ/OQ documentation and user manual which lists the specifications of the Loser TYpe 15 Osmometer.
      best regards

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