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Optimize Your PCR Using a Novel Thermal Cycler

PCR sometimes can seem like black magic, therefore controlling possible viability is key to an optimal end product. Pre-incubation optimization of factors such as pipetting accuracy or primer quality is well documented.

However, your PCR machine can contribute to these variables through, for example, the length of cycle time. This is dependent on the time set for incubation at each phase and the time needed to change from one temperature to another as the cycle changed from the denaturing to the annealing and extension phases. This temperature change per second, the ramp rate, adds time to the overall procedure and has a variability depending on the machine. Removal of ramp rate would shorten cycle time and eliminate a potential variable in your methodology.

No ramp rate would seem ideal.

The new NEXTGEN PCR has achieved this by separating your incubation for denaturing, annealing and extension phase into three separate heating blocks. Instead of heating and cooling Peltier blocks, NEXTGENPCR cleverly moves standard format microplates rapidly across 3 temperature zones already set to the required temperatures. The microplate samples are embedded in a polypropylene sheet and slightly compressed by the temperature blocks in each zone which ensures thorough sample mixing and optimal heat transfer.

Temperature transition between zones is practically instantaneous. This results in a dramatic reduction in power consumption when compared to traditional heating block methods. In addition well to well uniformity across the block is better than 0.1 °C.

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  • Set constant temperatures and times for each phase of the cycle
  • A defined transfer time between blocks which is a constant (less than 0.2 seconds)
  • A resulting overall reduction in time for each cycle due no ramp rates
  • Uniform heating for the entire plate

nextgenpcrgifThe above animation provides an overview of how the NEXGENPCR machine works.

To find out more about the NEXTGENPCR please contact support@camlab.co.uk or request a demo. Alternatively, visit our website where you can find information on the NEXTGENPCR instrument and accessories.