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OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer with a novel Selectable Scales Library

Digitial refractometers measure the degree at which the light changes’ direction when passing through a sample.  This is called the angle of refraction. A refractometer takes the refraction angles and correlates them to refractive index (nD) values that have been established. This is then used in various industries to determine the concentration of a solution – the key to note is that the process is temperature-dependent.

There are a number of digital refractors in the market that cater to all the different scales used in various industries.  A large majority use the Brix scale which is calibrated to the number of grams of cane sugar contained in 100 mL of water.

The new OPTi Multiple Scale Digital Handheld Refractometer is designed to include the vast majority of currently used scales in one meter. This refractometer contains 3 active scales pre-loaded. These pre-set scales can be interchanged at any time by the user from an onboard library of 50 individual scales. Relating specifically to the Brix scale, the OPTi is the only refractometer to cover the full Brix range (0-95). The full list of onboard scales can be found below.

Key features:


  • Clear digital LCD display
  • Ergonomic & durable handheld design
  • IP65 rated
  • Easy-clean, stainless steel prism dish
  • Rapid temperature stabilization


  • Quick 2 second read time of sample
  • Onboard library of 50 scales
  • Up to 3 user selectable active scales on a single device
  • High Ambient Light (HAL) sensor detects and warns of too much light entering the sensor
  • Unique “AG Test Mode” that allows the use of long-life non-sucrose based certified reference materials
  • Programmable read delay for sample temperature stabilization


Below is a list of all the scales available:

ApplicationScale UnitsRange ResolutionAccuracy ATC
Primary°Brix (ATC)0–950.1±0.2°Brix
PrimaryRefractive Index (ATC)1.33–1.530.0001±0.0003°Brix
PrimaryRefractive Index1.33–1.530.0001±0.0003None
AutomotiveAdBlue®/DEF (NOx reduction)% Weight / Weight0–400.1±0.2AUS32
AutomotiveEthylene Glycol°C Freezing Point0 to -501±1EG
AutomotiveEthylene Glycol°F Freezing Point30 to -401±1EG
AutomotivePropylene Glycol°C Freezing Point0 to -501±1PG
AutomotivePropylene Glycol°F Freezing Point30 to -401±1PG
Food & Beverage°Butyro0–1000.1±0.5Butyro
Food & Beverage42 HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)% Weight / Weight0–950.1±0.2°Brix
Food & Beverage55 HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)% Weight / Weight0–950.1±0.2°Brix
Food & Beverage90 HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)% Weight / Weight0–950.1±0.2°Brix
Food & BeverageFructose% Weight / Weight0–850.1±0.2°Brix
Food & BeverageGlucose% Weight / Weight0–850.1±0.2°Brix
Food & BeverageInvert Sugar% Weight / Weight0–850.1±0.2°Brix
Food & BeverageMaltose% Weight / Weight0–600.1±0.2°Brix
Food & BeverageSalinity (NaCl)% Weight / Volume0–280.1±0.2NaCl
Food & BeverageTotal Solids of Waste Milk%5–150.1±0.5°Brix
Food & BeverageWater in Honey% Weight / Weight10–300.1±0.2Honey
IndustrialCalcium Chloride% Weight / Weight0–400.1±0.2CaCl2
IndustrialEthanol% Volume / Volume0–200.5±1Ethanol
IndustrialEthylene Glycol% Volume / Volume0–600.1±0.4EG
IndustrialEthylene Glycol% Weight / Weight0–600.1±0.4EG
IndustrialFSII DiEGME (ASTM D 5006)% Volume / Volume0.0–0.250.01±0.02°Brix
IndustrialHydrogen Peroxide% Weight / Weight0–500.2±0.5°Brix
IndustrialMethanol% Weight / Weight0–401±0.2Meth
IndustrialPropylene Glycol% Volume / Volume0–600.1±0.4PG
IndustrialSodium Sulphate% Weight / Weight0–220.1±0.2Na2SO4
IndustrialSulphuric Acid (Battery Acid)Specific Gravity (d20/20)1.000–1.5010.001±0.003SA
IndustrialUrea (CRC data)% Weight / Weight0–400.1±0.2AUS32
Life ScienceColostral QualityPoor / PASSPoor / PASS±0.2°Brix
Life ScienceSeawater (Practical Salt Units)Part Per Thousand0–1801±1NaCl
Life ScienceSeawater (Practical Salt Units)Specific Gravity (d20/20)1.000–1.0900.0005±0.001NaCl
Life ScienceSerum Proteing/100ml0–300.1±0.2°Brix
Life ScienceUrine (SG) HumanSpecific Gravity (d20/20)1.000–1.0500.0005±0.0010°Brix
Life ScienceUrine (SG) Large MammalSpecific Gravity (d20/20)1.000–1.0500.0001±0.0010°Brix
Life ScienceUrine (SG) Small MammalSpecific Gravity (d20/20)1.000–1.0500.0005±0.0010°Brix
Wine & Beer°Baumé0–500.1±0.2°Brix
Wine & Beer °Zeiss (ABV)% Volume / Volume10–1350.1±0.5°Brix
Wine & BeerAlcohol Probable (AP)0–220.1±0.2°Brix
Wine & BeerKMW (Babo)0–251±1°Brix
Wine & BeerOechsle (German)30–1301±1°Brix
Wine & BeerOechsle (Swiss)0–1301±1°Brix
Wine & Beer°Plato0–300.1±0.2°Brix
Wine & BeerMass Sugar (°Brix) (ATC)% Weight / Weight0–950.1±0.2°Brix
Wine & BeerMass Sugar (°Brix)% Weight / Weight0–950.1±0.2None
Wine & BeerWort (Sucrose Equivalent)Specific Gravity (d20/20)1.000–1.1200.0005±0.001°Brix


For further information please email support@camlab.co.uk or call +44 (0)1954 233110.

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