4. Service

On-site Jenway service and calibration.




Did you know?  

You do not have to send your Jenway instrument away for repair or calibration?



You can have an engineer visit your site to calibrate, service or repair your equipment.

PFP7 Flame



 In fact you do not even have to ask us. We can schedule an annual visit to calibrate your Jenway once a year.



 Jenway Supported Products

Spectrophotometers UV/VIS

pH meters

Ion Meters

Flame Photometers Clinical/Industrial


Conductivity Meters


Chloride Meters


Just call Camlab’s service department or look at the service website to see what service packages are available. Or if you want a quotation straight away for a maintenance contract quotation then click here. 


For technical help, spare parts and repairs please contact our service department on e-mail: service@camlab.co.uk or Tel: 01954 233130