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Omni Bead Ruptor 4 has arrived in the UK

The latest addition to the superb range of Omni Bead Mills is the Bead Ruptor 4.

 Bead Ruptor 4

  • Bead Ruptor 4 is designed for smaller labs and as a personal piece of lab equipment for a single user/application.
  • Broad performance range- gentle mixing to high force homogenization.
  • Small footprint-requires minimal bench space.
  • Holds 4 x 0.5ml/1.5ml/2ml and 1 x 7ml tubes.
  • Run times: 1-5 mins
  • Programs : 1 Cycles: 1 Performance Range: 30g-150g

BR4 2mL lid open




The Bead Ruptor 4 is available with a single 7ml tube holder for larger sample sizes. If you interested to see the BR4 just click here to arrange a demonstration.

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