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Not all Laboratory Ovens and Incubators are the same?

Ten Good Reasons to Consider Memmert

1.Leaders in technology

For more than 60 years Memmert has remained true to itself.
The success story of Memmert began in 1947. Since its establishment, the company‘s most important objective in the development
of temperature control appliances has been; “controlled atmosphere”. All parameters such as temperature, humidity,
CO2- and O2 content, light or pressure are controlled with the utmost precision.  Linked to this are reliability,
optimum temperature homogeneity and stability, user friendliness and an outstanding price/performance ratio. This promise
to customers and users is called, 100% AtmoSAFE.

Award-winning design made in Germany
The groundbreaking design concept of Generation 2012 was awarded the iF product design award 2013
in the medicine/health care category. This paramount quality is achieved through state-of-the-art technology,
experience and constant user feedback, and, of course, with loving attention to detail. For this reason,
Memmert designs and manufactures all important mechanical and electronic components in its own facilities in Germany.

2.Control COCKPIT

Indispensable. Distinctive. Unique.
• Fine glass and stainless steel. Generation 2012 with touch function.
• Touch, turn & go. Quick setup in three steps. Never before has a temperature control appliance has been
easier to operate.
• A clear view of everything. Models with TwinDISPLAY additionally feature setting of device specific
parameters and temperature monitoring, graphical display of the program sequence and activation
of the optional interior lighting in the right display.
• Versatile menu functions such as language settings, time zones and daylight saving time as well as
the choice between Celsius and Fahrenheit.


A strong character shows its sensitive side. In all Memmert appliances, heating performance, heating-up
speed, air exchange rate and device specific parameters such as humidity or pressure are syntonised with
the utmost precision and can also be adjusted by the user during operation. Therefore, the appliances’
temperature stability is unparalleled, they save energy and last a scientist‘s half lifetime.
The Generation 2012 scores in all areas:
• Higher air flow rate and faster drying processes thanks to enlarged air intake and exhaust air vents.
• Fan speed and air flap position adjustable via the ControlCOCKPIT.
• Different loading types and volumes influence heat distribution in the chamber, particularly during
heating-up. Thanks to the HeatBALANCE function,this can be compensated.
• By activating the SetpointWAIT function, the process time does not start before the set temperature is
reached at all measuring points – optionally including freely positionable Pt100 sensors in the interior.
• Optimum distribution of temperature and humidity in Peltier-cooled appliances thanks to individual controllability
of Peltier elements.
Simple but brilliant – All-round surface heating
Ideally, an equally heated cubic interior radiates heat in the same intensity from all sides. The smaller the heated
surface in a temperature control chamber, the worse the temperature distribution. Punctually radiating ring
heaters with an overall heating element length of one metre will probably even start to glow, making a gentle
and accurate adjustment considerably more difficult to achieve. Heat transfer must be supported by motor-driven
air circulation, dark loads are excessively heated and loads in shaded areas do not heat up properly.
A Memmert oven with a chamber volume of 750 litres is surrounded by more than 52 metres of heating elements.

4. GreenLAB

The triumph of Peltier technology
At the turn of the millennium, Memmert opened a new chapter in its history of innovation. The heating and cooling process of
the interior in temperature control appliances is by nature very energy intensive. Therefore, Memmert was the first manufacturer
that consequently developed energy-efficient and environmentally friendly laboratory appliances.


No other manufacturer has more experience in Peltier technology and offers a greater variety of these precise
and energy-efficient temperature control appliances than Memmert.

Saving resources – a task for the future
At Memmert, every innovation is thoroughly tested with respect to its sustainability. Whether climate chambers
or conventional heating and drying ovens, all appliances feature outstanding energy efficiency, thanks to their
finely tuned control technology in connection with sophisticated individual heating concepts.
For Generation 2012 appliances, the insulation concept has been further optimised. Insulation of up to 90 mm
and insulation inserts in the door are two important changes to almost completely prevent thermal bridges and
thus heat emission from the chamber.
All Memmert appliances are made of stainless steel which is nearly 100% recyclable.


Convenient surface temperature
Better than any standard*: Thanks to the patented MEMMERT air circulation system, the
surfaces and operating elements of Generation 2012 appliances only heat up moderately,
even at a chamber temperature of 300 °C * e. g. DIN EN 61010-1 (VDE 0411-1): 2011-07
International power connection
High-temperature connectors on the rear of the appliance for single-phase power
connection according to country specific systems and IEC standards
USB port on a TwinDISPLAY model
• Standard for all TwinDISPLAY appliances
• Uploading programmes and reading out logs
• Protecting appliances with individual user-ID function, and much more…
Easy transport
• Recessed grips for safe carrying
• Easy handling in the laboratory
Opening the door as if by magic
• With the feet or elbows: Almost vibration-free opening and closing of the door,
even if the hands are not free
• Unproblematic change of the door hinge to the left side also after commissioning


Memmert is concerned about your safety as well as the safety of your chamber load. Therefore, all Memmert
temperature control chambers feature an electronic temperature monitoring system, a mechanical temperature
limiter acc. to DIN 12 880 and an integrated auto-diagnostic system with optical and acoustic alarm as a
standard.Even more safety in TwinDISPLAY models



TwinDISPLAY appliances are equipped with an overtemperature monitor as well as two high-grade Platinum
temperature sensors Pt100 for mutual monitoring and operation transfer at same working temperature in
case of an error. Particularly in ramp operation, the integrated temperature monitoring system AutoSAFETY
can be activated to automatically follow the set temperature with a freely selectable tolerance. Individual
MIN-/MAX-values can be set for over/undertemperature as well as for all other parameters like relative
humidity, CO2, O2 and pressure (vacuum).

7.AtmoCONTROL software

Drag, drop & go!
User-friendliness and simple operation is the key factor of all Generation 2012 appliances. Naturally, the same
applies to the newly developed control and logging software AtmoCONTROL. Simply drag & drop the graphical
symbol for the required parameter in the programming field and let’s go!
AtmoCONTROL for all appliances
Thanks to the AtmoCONTROL software,the data logger of all Memmert appliances can be read out and saved as different file
All TwinDISPLAY appliances are supplied with the AtmoCONTROL software on a USB
stick and offer a multitude of possibilities for programming and documentation







8.Stainless Steel

Beautiful and functional
It is great when beauty and functionality do not exclude each other. But it is even better when beauty and functionality go hand
in hand. Therefore, the outside of Memmert appliances has been distinctively designed with structured stainless steel for more
than thirty years. Scratch-resistant and optically appealing for people who cherish aesthetics and modern design. It goes without
saying that also the interior chamber is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel that is easy to clean.

9. Service

Technical service – whenever, wherever
The technical service of Memmert has a demanding list of tasks. Supply of spare parts, maintenance, repair
and commissioning, IQ/OQ/PQ qualification, customer training and software instruction. Good to know that
Camlab, a global network partner ensures that Memmert users are never left alone with
their questions

10.my AtmoSAFE

Modifications and customised appliances
In cooperation with our customers’ R&D departments, Memmert‘s customisation department provides support
for complex applications and finds tailor-made solutions. Many customers are supported from development to
production and sometimes this cooperation even leads to a world innovation. The first cooled vacuum oven for
laboratory application: VOcool – MADE BY MEMMERT.

The complete range of Memmert Ovens and Incubators can be found at Camlab.co.uk