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Not all Bottle Caps are the same…

Everyone has seen the standard blue screw caps that adorn every laboratory, but these are not the only option available.

DWK have a comprehensive range of caps for nearly every application:


DWK bottle topsStandard caps are blue:

The standard caps are blue and are made of food grade polypropylene and suitable for most applications. Made to standard GL bottle threads they are available in GL25, 32 45 and GLS 80 sizes. The pouring rings are made from the same high quality polypropylene. Autoclavable at 121°C and max temperature is 140°C.

High performance caps are red.

For more demanding applications the red caps have a high leak tightness through the use of a PTFE coated silicone seal. More chemically resistant than the blue cap and a special pouring ring is available made from ETFE. The red cap is autoclavable and can withstand temperatures of 180°C.

Premium Caps are White:

Made from TpCh260 with PTFE coated silicone seals and a matching pouring ring this cap is made without dye to prevent leaching. The temperatures it can withstand range from -196 to +200°C, with very high chemical resistance. High leak tightness like the red cap too. Ideal for applications in the pharmaceutical industry, demanding sterilisation processes and depyrogenation.

Membrane Vented Caps:

Membrane caps are recommended when steam sterilising media as there must be a vent for steam to escape during the process. Standard blue caps are available with vent holes and a Cyan YOUTILITY cap is also available steam vented.

Multiport Caps:

Multiport caps are available with 2,3 and 4 ports for easily transferring fluids from container to container. The connector cap can be used for all GL45 bottles and containers and allows transfer in aseptic conditions.

For more information on all variants of the Duran bottle caps visit our website.