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New Techne PrimeQ Real-Time PCR System

Techne PrimeQ Real time PCR
Techne PrimeQ Real time PCR

Techne are proud to announce the launch of the PrimeQ real-time PCR system. The Techne PrimeQ Real time PCR instrument has been designed with an open architecture and chemistry format that allows user flexibility in qPCR methods and research pursuits. The accompanying Quansoft® software provides an easy to use comprehensive data analysis package with the flexibility to edit experiment setup even after the run is complete.

Key Features

Single White LED Light Source
– Ensures consistent power output to each well compared to tungsten halogen lamps or other multiple LED systems.
– Provides a long term life span unlike tungsten halogen lamps that require frequent replacement.

PMT (Photomultiplier Tube) Detector
– PMT is designed for accurate detection of photons compared to CCD cameras which are just an imaging system.
– PMT provides raw data for analysis that can be manipulated directly whereas CCD uses image comparisons interpreted by internal algorithms.

Flexible Scanning Mechanism
– Allows both partial and full plate reads.
– High accuracy ensures no cross talk between well reads.
– Full plate read in 20 seconds per filter.

Multiplex Capabilities
– 4 paired excitation and emission filters housed in an individual cartridge system.
– Open system to preferred chemistry and not locked in to factory calibrated dyes.

Heated Lid
– The flexible optical heated lid system is designed to minimize loss of sample and prevent sample condensation.
– Temperature controlled, it allows further method optimization where pre-incubation stages may be required (e.g. in reverse transcription techniques) or where changes in the heated lid characteristics are needed during the different stages of a program run.

Quansoft® software and reporting

Accompanying the Techne PrimeQ is our easy-to-use, flexible software Quansoft®, which gives you the freedom to manipulate your raw data, choose your own chemistries and consumables. Quansoft® can be installed on multiple PCs without paying a license fee.

Key Features

– Ability to create, modify and save files using Quansoft® while a program is running on the unit
– Ability to run without initially defining your plate layout and analysis criteria – just pop a prepared plate in & run a program
– Ability to export unprocessed, raw data
– Ability to change from first order derivative to fit points in results analysis


The Prime range is available now, please contact camlab for a demo and a detailed quote


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  2. Hello dear.
    we are from mongolia
    we need to Techne PrimeQ Real-Time PCR System”
    we want to purchase.
    Please do advise us to know that the price.
    Looking forward your kindly reply.

    Thank you

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