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New Techne in situ hybridisation adapter

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New Techne in situ hybridisation adapter

For 96-well PCR machine owners wanting to run in situ hybridisation experiments, it is usually necessary to purchase a new thermal cycler or thermal block at significant expense. The Techne in situ hybridisation adapter offers a quick and economical solution. The single-piece machined aluminium in situ hybridisation adapter is inserted into a 96 x 0.2ml thermal cycler, allowing up to 4 glass microscope slides to be accommodated in a single PCR experiment.

Techne 96 well plate adapter
Techne insitu adapter

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– Single piece aluminium design.
– Compatible with thermal cycler lid.
– High uniformity across adapter ±0.25ºC.
– Compatible with 96 x 0.2ml thermal cyclers.
– Accommodates 4 standard glass microscope slides.




In situ hybridisation uses a labelled complementary DNA or RNA strand (i.e. probe) to localise a specific DNA or RNA sequence in a portion or section of tissue in situ. This is a powerful technique for identifying specific mRNA species within individual cells in tissue sections, providing insights into physiological processes and disease. In situ hybridisation is used to reveal the location of specific nucleic acids sequences on chromosomes or in tissues, important for understanding the regulation and function of genes.


Compatible thermal cycler 96 x 0.2ml thermal cycler
Sample capacity 4 glass slides 75 x 25 mm (3 inch x 1 inch)
Temperature range 0°C to 100°C
Dimensions (w x d x h) 115 x 80 x 16 mm
Adapter accuracy @ 55°C ±0.2°C
Adapter uniformity @ 55°C ±0.25°C
Material Aluminium, 1 piece
Weight 150 g
Country of manufacture UK
Warranty 2 years








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