Colony Counter

New Stuart colony counter

Stuart Equipment are proud to announce the launch of a new colony counter, the SC6PLUS. Available from Camlab in the UK along with all the Stuart Equipment Range, alongside the full range of Bibby Scientific brands Techne, Jenway and Electrothermal

Stuart Colony Counter SC6PLUS
Stuart Equiment Colony counter

Building on the successful platform of the SC6 this new colony counter delivers additional PC and printer connectivity, as well as LED lighting.

The SC6PLUS is simple and easy to use and is ideal for providing fast and accurate counting of bacterial and mould colonies. Simply place the petri dish on the electronic pressure pad and touch the dish with a felt tip pen to mark each colony. The touch pressure causes a count to be registered on the digital display and an audible tone confirms each count (this can be turned off if required).

The new SC6PLUS can be connected to a printer (part code SMP30/1) or a PC in order to print the colony count and statistics, including the standard deviation. This eliminates any operator errors which may occur with manual recording.

The SC6PLUS has been designed to use LED lighting which makes counting colonies easier and saves energy. The colony counter is provided with a choice of white or dark backgrounds to view colonies.

The SC6PLUS colony counter is supplied complete with one Wolffhuegel graticule, one segmentation disc and two centering adapters for 50 to 90mm petri dishes. A choice of magnifiers is available to aid easier counting of smaller colonies.

As you have come to expect from the Stuart equipment range the SC6PLUS comes with BioCote® antimicrobial protection. The SC6PLUS is an upgrade on the current SC6 therefore the SC6 will no longer be available to purchase once all stock has been sold. The new SC6PLUS will be sold at the same price as the current SC6 model.


Lighting White LED array
Digital display 3 digit LED
Count 0 to 999
Dimensions (w x d x h) 310 x 300 x 140mm
Net weight 1.5Kg
Electrical supply 120 to 230V, 50/60Hz, 70W


There are several accessories available for use with the new SC6PLUS. These include magnifiers, printers and Wolffhuegel graticule to aid counting.