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New Spark Free Lab Refrigerators from Lovibond

Spark free lab fridges offer a safe way to store volatile products in the lab.

The new EX series from Lovibond offer a spark-free interior as well as a digital temperature display, energy efficient cooling and a lockable door.

The EX spark free refrigerators
The EX Series of spark free lab refrigerators by Lovibond

The EX series are compliant with the German guidelines “Working Safely in Laboratories BG-I-850-0” which stipulates that interior spaces must be explosion protected where hazardous, explosive atmospheres can develop (for example due to the presence of flammable liquids). This means they are fully equipped for daily laboratory use.

These sturdy sheet steel constructed fridges are built with demanding lab applications in mind and feature;

  • Adjustable temperature from +1°C to +15°C
  • Digital temperature display
  • Larger sizes EX 220, 300 and 490 have a “fan stop” to turn the fan off when the door is opened
  • Tight door seal with all-round magnetic gasket
  • Robust interior of strong PS plastic
  • Improved insulated housing and highly efficient components for maximum energy efficiency
  • Compressor unit mounted on low noise, vibration-free bearings

See the full range here or contact us with any questions about lab refrigeration