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New Safety Enhanced Laboratory Gas Burners from WLD Tec

The Fuego SCS series from WLD Tec GmbH provides maximum safety and highest convenience for all flame related applications in the laboratory.

The Fuego SCS offers more convenience utilising a new graphic display and comfort functions. The display is wordless and uses symbols for rapid and easy selection of functions.

The user can visualise the zero pressure shut-off, gas consumption, cooling reminder and temperature regulation. The Fuego’s streamlined design reduces airflow disturbances in laminar flow cabinets.

Fuego Loop Flame
Fuego Loop Flame

The Safety control system (SCS) demonstrates state-of-the-art safety technology which monitors for potential hazards and interrupts the gas supply.

Passive safety features include a residual heat display to warn users that the head is still hot.

TheĀ  adjustable automatic cut-off system inhibits the unintentional ignition when the flame has not been lit for a long period of time. The Fuego SCS can be operated with the touch free DoubleClick IR-sensor button or foot pedal.

Unintentional ignition is not possible with the foot pedal as it needs a double click to operate it.


The full Fuego Pro range can be found here, and the Autoloop add on for “carousel-style” loop inoculation sterilisation