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New photometer 8000 from palintest

The new, upgraded Palintest Photometer 8000 Field Kit  has now been launched for use in the drinking water, wastewater, surface water and process water markets.

Palintest 8000 kit
New aplintest 8000 kit in carry case

The kit brings together a portable multiparameter photometer and all the required accessories to conveniently and accurately test water in almost any application environment.

Equally suitable for use in the lab or in the field, it successfully and economically answers the call for a single water technician’s kit that is suitable for virtually any situation and set of test parameter.

Included within the kit’s sturdy IP67 case are cuvettes, sample preparation apparatus and interface cables to allow USB or RS232 connection of the Photometer 8000 to a PC or laptop. Transport containers within the case allow users to carry any of the range of tablet or liquid reagents used for determination of species such as ammonia, nitrate, heavy metals and chlorine.

More details of the new Palintest Photometer 8000 Field Kit can be found at the camlab website or contact us below for further info.