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New Omni bead Mill Homogeniser

The new Bead Ruptor 24 Homogenizer from Omni International can grind, lyse, and homogenize biological sample volumes ranging from 0.3mL- 5mL. It has the broadest speed range (0.8m/s to 8m/s) and highest disruptive energy of comparable bead mill products. Features include: convenient front-loading, storage of up to 99 programs, an advanced sample temperature monitoring system and multilingual user interface.

All Soft tissues (bacteria, liver, brain, skin, etc.); Hard/Tough tissues (bones, corn, hair, seeds, soil, etc.) and micro-organisms (gram+, gram-, yeast, etc.) can be homogenized with one of 8 adapted bead mixes. These bead mixes are available in prefilled tubes.

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2 thoughts on “New Omni bead Mill Homogeniser

  1. Good day!

    Please provide special price for Omni bead mill homogenizer – Bead Ruptor 24 Elite model 19-040E with finger plate and tube carriage BR24 2ml Kit for 24 X 2ml grinding tubes.

    1. Must be capable of efficient and complete homogenization of lymph node tissue in two minutes or less.
    2. 1-10 Cycles
    3. Time of operation must be adjustable and must minimally arrange from one to 120 seconds.
    4. Homogenization head must have a capacity for 24-2ml tubes measuring from 11mm in diameter and 47mm in length.
    5. Voltage must be 110.
    6. Speed performance range: 0.8m/s—8m/s by 0.15m/s increments

    Quantity: 2

    Kindly include the following:

    • Whats is the Lead time and ETA going to Cheyenne, WY 82002
    • How much is the Shipping Cost to Cheyenne, WY 82002
    • What is the Country Origin of the items?
    • Do you accept Credit Card Payment?
    • Is there any Credit Card fees? For straight Payment using AMEX/VISA once ordered?
    • Is there applicable Sales Tax? (Note: Government Buyer

    1. Dear Marivic,
      Thank you for your enquiry with Camlab regarding the Omni Bead Ruptor – please email export@camlab.co.uk for the full specification and an official quotation
      Kind regards, Emma, Camlab Tech Support

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