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New Mini Stirrers from Stuart Equipment


Introducing the new Mini stirrer from Stuart, the SM5/ stirrers are an excellent new product and will compliment our existing range of hotplate stirrers. The product features:

  • Lightweight stirrer
  • Capable of stirring up to 1L
  • Universal power adaptor
  • Choice of designs
  • With BioCote antimicrobial protection

The new Stuart mini stirrer is available from stock now in three designs, please ensure you use the correct order code, as shown above from left to right: SM5/BIBBY, SM5/STUART SM5/SWIRL. See the product to download a pdf

Capacity, Litres – 1

Speed, rpm  –  350 to 2,000

Weight, g –  500

Dimensions, w x d x h, mm –  143 x 143 x 66

Electrical supply –  120-230V, 50-60Hz

IP Rating –  IPX1

The mini stirrer is availble from stock now and will replace the existing Stuart SM4 stirrer, which will be rationalised once current stocks are exhausted.

For more information on the new mini stirrer, or any of the Stuart range, please feel free to contact camlab for a competitive quote