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New micro-volume conductivity probes from Jenway

Micro conductivity probes from Jenway
Jenway Micro conductivity probes

Jenway are pleased to announce the introduction of two new micro-volume conductivity probes into the range. Following several inquiries for narrow conductivity probes to measure either small volume samples or samples in small vessels, we are pleased to be able to offer a 4mm and 6mm diameter probe to meet these requirements.

The new micro-volume conductivity probes have a 4mm (027 815) and 6mm (027 816) shaft diameter to allow for accurate readings in sample volumes as small as 150µl and 200µl respectively.

The 4mm probe has a 120mm reach and the 6mm probe has a 180mm reach, making them ideal for use in test tubes and small vessels. Both probes are made from glass and have a 7 pin DIN connector so they can be used with any of Jenway’s bench conductivity meters.

For more technical information on the two new probes please click on the links below to download the relevant datasheet linked to the products on the website

Jenway Micro volume conductivity probes

Jenway micro conductivity probes
Jenway micro conductivity probes

To get an application note comparing the stabilisation time and linearity of conductivity measurements with temperature for these probes contact us below. For the full range of Jenway and Bibby scientific products for the UK and worldwide see the Camlab website