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NEW Laboratory Essentials catalogue!

The majority of labs have a constant turn over of consumables and need to have equipment available to suit the latest technique or research being performed. We have accumulated these items into one catalogue, the Laboratory essentials.

Essentials Catalogue

From plastics, glassware, safety wear and equipment we have tried to cover all the essential items a laboratory needs. What’s best is that there are two exclusive offers for the products listed, a 10% off  voucher for everything in the catalogue as well as saving £50 if you buy over £250 worth of products. You can find these on the first inside page, take a look!

You can check this catalogue out on our website here.

Some studies have found laboratory staff spending 18.5% of their time on admin tasks. If you feel like you spend too much time ordering the same items every month, tell us what you need regularly and we can set up a standing order. Let us know what you need when and we can re-deliver these to you without any effort spent. Give us a ring on 01954 233 110 and we can talk to you about getting this set up, and get 10% off any of the items in the catalogue!