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New Lab Offers from Bibby Scientific

Lab offers header
Lab offers header

Lab-Offers is a new initiative from Bibby Scientific, providing regular new offers to our customers across all four Bibby brands; Stuart, Jenway, Techne and Electrothermal

The latest Range of offers valid until 31st July 2013  has just launched and includes.

£500 off a Stuart SMP40 automatic melting point apparatus

20% off Stuart undergrad UC152 hotplate stirrer

20% off Stuart Digital thermostat water baths

Free internal printer and 8 cell changer with the Jenway 6715 spectrophotometers

Free 8 cell changer with the Jenway 6850 dual beam spectrophotometer

FREE gradient upgrade with Techne 3PrimeX thermal cyclers.  Please contact us below for a quote.

FREE gradient upgrade with Techne Prime Combi-Block thermal cycler.  Please contact us below for a quote.

20% off electrothermal EM heating mantles 50-500ml sizes

20% off electrothermal EMA stirring heating mantles 50-500ml sizes


All offers are available from now until the end of July, many can be purchased directly from the Camlab website or you can enquire on the form below and we can get you a quote sent directly to you.

Offers cannot be used in combination with any other offer or agreed special pricing.