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New ID Coloured Cardboard Cryoboxes

Camlab have introduced a new selection of coloured cardboard cryoboxes to the current range of standard cardboard cryoboxes.

So why are these unique?

Excellent for long term storage  applications where the budget is limited.

Boxes are hinged so no danger of losing the lid.

Each box comes with plastic dividers which you can build yourself depending on the tube size you wish to store.

Alphanumeric grid is printed on the lid and in the base of the box for easy identification of your samples.

The boxes are made of recycled durable cardboard with a superior coating for repelling water.

  • low cost
  • low weight
  • environment friendly
  • store at temperatures as low as -160°C.

To fnd out more Click ID CRYOBOX or e mail us at sales@camlab.co.uk