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New IC25XR programmable personal incubator with extended temperature range

Building on the popularity of the IC25 programmable heating and chilling block heater (also known as a dry bath), 2 new models with extended temperature ranges are now available.

The new models extend the temperature ranges, so setting from -20°C to +100°C or from -10°C to +110°C is now possible

The IC25 block heater chiller
The IC25 block heater chiller – 2 alternative models are now available to extend the temperature range

The units are fully programmable to run changing temperature profiles unattended.

5 programs can be stored in the memory for repeating specific experiments – each program can consist of up to 10 steps, with each step stating a temperature and a time. The program can be set to repeat itself up to 99 times.

Sample of a programmed cycle for IC25 chilling heating dry block
An example program on an IC25 unit – 10 steps of a temperature and a times can be set on one program, with up to 99 repeats of that program.


All units also have a built-in data logger with an RS232 I/O port for collection of the data, so results can be stored and analysed.

The temperature ranges make them suited to a range of applications, including reactions, digestions, ligations, automatic enzyme reactions and deactivations, storing of oocytes or storing DNA or enzyme libraries at your work station.

There are also a huge range of blocks to choose from to fit different tubes or vials – from 50ml centrifuge tubes down to 0.2ml tubes or 96 and 384-well assay plates.

See the range here or contact us with any questions

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