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New hotplates and stirrers from Ohaus

Ohaus has a reputation for great quality balances and more recently they have added centrifuges and small bench top equipment to their range.

The range included a few basic magnetic stirrers, but now they have launched the new Guardian range of hotplate stirrers – a game changer in terms of safety features, which are unrivalled in the market place.

Guardian 7000

The Guardian 7000 is the top of the range version and has several safety features that protect the laboratory and the user:

SmartPresence – is a great safety feature that turns off the hotplate stirrer if no-one is detected in the room after a user set ‘time out’ period. So if you get called away or you are working in more than one lab, the hotplate stirrer will know and turn itself off.

SmartLink – You can pair a mobile device to the hotplate and if this link is broken then the hotplate will also turn off.

SafetyHeat System protects the Lab – There are two independent safety controls so that the electronics are continuously monitored for over temperature conditions when again the unit will be turned off.

The unusual shape of the Guardian 7000 hotplate stirrer is another clever concept. Any spillages will run off the outer casing and run away from the main electrical components, ensuring the integral safety of the unit.


Precise stirring from 60-1600 rpm

Capacity 15L-20L

Ceramic and aluminium  top plate options

Temperature of operation: +5°C -500°C

Huge Range of AccessoriesThe Guardian range has a very comprehensive range of accessories to accommodate vials and test tubes. The base plate takes several different sized vial and tube blocks and a set of handles.  There are also temperature probes available in PTFE and stainless steel.

Ohaus have also launched the Guardian 5000 range which is equally well constructed and great value.