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New Hach Sc200 controller for process monitors

Hach Sc200 controller
Hach Sc200 controller

The new Hach Sc200 controller replaces the popular Sc100 controller  to interface to Hach Sc sensors such as the Hach 1720e and the Hach Surface Scatter 7.







One controller for 40+ sensors and 14 parameters
The digital 2-channel Hach Sc200 controller is compatible with our complete range of digital and analogue sensors. There are 40+ sensors to choose – from Ammonium to Turbidity as well as special parameters such as Oil in Water. The one-stop-shop controller and its family of sensors monitor processes for all applications in wastewater, drinking and process water. Standardisation on one controller reduces maintenance complexity, time and costs.

Easy to extract data
To help you analyse and further improve your processes the SC 200 offers a new solution for simple data management. All logged measuring and diagnosis data can be easily extracted in XML format from the controller via the SD Card slot.

One controller for all applications
HACH LANGE is the recognized leader for water analytic solutions. With the launch of the SC 200, more than 40 different analogue and digital plug & play sensors can now be combined. Due to its rugged and robust metal enclosure, the SC 200 is suitable for industrial applications virtually anywhere.

With the communication options PROFIBUS DP and MODBUS RS232 / RS485, the controller can be easily integrated into digital networks. The modular concept
(one slot for a communication card of choice and two slots for input cards) makes the SC 200 stand out in terms of capability and flexibility.

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