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New Hach Dr3900 spectrophotometer.

Hach DR3900 spectrophometer

The new Hach Dr3900 spectrophotometer replaces the popular Hach DR2800 spectrophotometer.

The DR 3900 employs the latest RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) technology to ensure that an accurate, reliable, traceable record is created for every sample.





Eliminating potential errors: Small changes are sometimes made to analytical methods and these represent an opportunity for test errors to occur. However, the introduction of the advanced Barcode 2 and RFID can prevent such errors because the DR3900 will issue a warning if a test requires an update. By simply holding the cuvette box RFID label in front of the DR3900, the user is then able to update the test methodology in the spectrophotometer. The new barcodes also contribute to accuracy by alerting the user if reagents have expired. Automatic calibration of online instruments A further benefit of the DR3900 is made possible when the device is networked via Ethernet to facilitate the automatic calibration of HACH LANGE online process monitoring instruments. First, a ’job’ is entered on the SC controller of the process instruments and a manual sample is taken. The job (process measurement value, time etc) is sent to the DR 3900 in the laboratory and the sample is analysed using a cuvette test. The result is then compared with the process analyser and the calibration of the process probe is adjusted accordingly (when necessary).

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