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New Freezemaster Cryogenic Gloves for ultimate protection when working at ultra low temperatures

When working at temperatures below -10ºC its vital the correct protection is worn to avoid severe injuries especially at liquid nitrogen temperatures down to -196ºC.

You may be handling racks and storing your boxes containing labelled sampled crovials in these either in a low temperature freezer or in liquid nitrogen dewars.


Liquid Nitrogen is used to freeze things aswell as preserve them. If it comes into contact with skin it causes instant tissue freezing. The effect will be the exact opposite to the burning. Skin cells will be dead on prolonged exposure to LN2, this is called cold burning.

There is a glove available now from Camlab called the Freezemaster® Cryo which is an insulated cryogenic glove.


It has a water resistant coating and is fleece lined and is specially designed for handling very cold objects maintaining full dexterity.


For more information on these gloves click FREEZMASTER or call 01954 23110 to speak to a member of our team about any of our cryogenic products.