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New eco Memmert CO2 Refrigerant is Climate Neutral

Memmert has expanded its range of environmentally friendly temperature control units. Memmert’s climate control and cooled incubators already have peltier cooled appliances that do not rely on a refrigerant compressor.

The new refrigerant used in ICH and ICP eco appliances has the abbreviation R744 and has a GWP value of 1, rendering it climate neutral. R744 does not contain chlorine, is not flammable or toxic and does not deplete the ozone layer.

The comparative alternative refrigerant; RT134A has a GWP of 1430.



What does this mean for the end user and sample protection?

All round protection for samples is achieved by the proven air jacket temperature control system that both heats and cools very quickly and thoroughly via all four sides of the incubator. There is no de-humidification in the interior and no dehydration of the samples with no icing over of the cooling system.


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