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New Ebro EBI 300 USB Data Loggers

The new range of EBI300 data loggers from Ebro. High quality Data loggers with a USB interface require no installed software to setup, run or download the data.

Ebro EBI300 series loggers
EBI310 datalogger

Designed to monitor temperature of products such as drugs, serums or other perishable goods during shipment or storage, the Ebro EBI 300 series USB data loggers provides the ability to access data reports in a standard PDF format with all the important data from the logger. This removes the need to invest in specialized software and interfaces, reducing the overall costs. The ability to view data in an automatically created PDF report also provides a unique level of accessibility that minimizes user errors and improves overall efficiency. In addition, data integrity is ensured since no data manipulation is possible.

The ebro® EBI 310 USB data logger has been designed to provide a high precision data logger with more readings, higher accuracy, better data security flexible alarms and broader temperature range options (down to -200 °C and up to 250 °C with external probe) than the standard EBI 300 logger. The logger fulfills the need for a wide-range of applications including the measurement of core and ambient temperatures during shipment or storage of medication, vaccines, and units of stored blood, ointments as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients and basic elements.

Other relevant applications include Clinical trials (medication tests and launches), or storage of samples in refrigerators/freezers in which flexible control measurements are crucial. Unlike other data loggers which require proprietary software to read data, the EBI 310 is able to automatically produce data reports that are compatible with the PDF format, in addition to specialized data logger software. Instead of propriety software, there is a website to configure the logger. See for further information.  The EBI 310 logger creates files in PDF A1b format which delivers the security required to eliminate the possibility to manipulate the recorded data. This security meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical market and is GMP and is compliant with pharma requirements.

The EBI 310 data logger is waterproof and offers the flexibility of a wide temperature measurement range, from -30 °C to +75 °C, an accuracy of ±0.2 °C, storage of up to 120,000 values and, automatically generated PDF data reporting, and a USB connection offering greater flexibility for field applications..

The full range of Ebro Dataloggers are available from Camlab in the UK