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New digital hotplate stirrers from Stuart for greater control

Stuart have expanded their popular Undergrad range of hotplate stirrers with two new digital models for higher levels of control and accuracy.

Digital Undergrad Hotplate Stirrers
The new digital versions of Stuart’s Undergrad hotplate stirrers for better control of temperature

To deliver the highest levels of control and accuracy the new models include an LED display which shows an exact, continuous read out of the surface temperature. This allows much greater control over experiments and processes.

The new digital Undergrad hotplate stirrers are available with a ceramic top or ceramic coated metal. Both models employ the features of the existing Undergrad range, including the compact size to save on bench and storage space along with a recess underneath to easily accomodate a retort stand.

An independent hot light clearly shows at a glance when the temperature is over 50°C – even after the unit has been unplugged.

The new units are still compatible with the DrySyn range of heating block bases allowing you to quickly convert your hotplate into a heating mantle to work with round bottom flasks. This allows great flexibility and avoids the need to purchase separate hotplates and heating mantles.

See the digital Undergrad hotplate stirrer units here or contact us with any questions