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NEW – Camlab Syringe Filters

Do you want accurate and high quality results without breaking the bank?


Our new range of syringe filters are ideal for numerous applications in pharmaceutical, environmental, biotechnology, food/bev and agricultural testing laboratories.

The Camlab range includes:

These filters are economical, extemely easy to use for excellent clarification, aswell as sterilization of aqueous solutions, solvents, agressive solutions and various gases.

Available with a variety of membranes and encased in a pure polypropylene housing, which has been manufactured using no adhesives or additives. Sample purity is therefore ensured.

All sterile filters are also individually wrapped.

To celebrate the launch of Camlab Syringe Filters all products within the range have been reduced in price for a limited period only!

Click on the syringe filter type listed above to view online today.