Need Sterile, Secure and Traceable sampling? Try SteriBag Premium sample bags

The new SteriBag Premium sampling bags from Burkle offer the highest levels of sample security, traceability and sterility.

Take a look at how they work in our quick instructions below;


How to use SteriBag Premium sample collection bags;

  1. Take a sample bag and fill out the sample details; sample reference, name of person taking the sample, the date and any other comments.2
  2. Open the sterile bag and fill with your sample – the bags can be used with liquids or solids, and are suitable for use with foodstuffs. Every bag is sterilised by gamma rays so your sample will not be contaminated.3
  3. Peel back the adhesive foil to reveal the sealing strip.4
  4. Press the sealing strip down to seal the bag along it’s width, making sure there are no gaps.5
  5. The identification strip on the top of the bag can be removed and passed to the client, or retained for records. This features the same unique identification number and barcode as is shown on the bag.6
  6. When the sample is opened the sealing strip splits to reveal “STOP” in clear letters. This will not re-align if the bag is resealed,¬†giving instant indication if your sample has been tampered with.7


Find out more about SteriBag Premium sampling bags by following the links above, or contact us with any questions about sampling or sample security;