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Need a larger capacity centrifuge with cooling?

There are two new centrifuges available from Ohaus. The FC5916 and the FC5916R refrigerated centrifuges.

  • Compatible with 14 optional rotors and 75 accessories
  • Capacity up to 4 x750ml
  • Blood collection tubes can be spun using an additional rotor
  • High speed centrifugation
  • Temperature range -20°C to 40°C


  • Automatic rotor identification
  • One handed operation
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Program storage up to 99 programs
  • Maintenance free induction drive
  • Pre-cooling on the refrigerated model
  • Over speed protection
  • Active imbalance protection
  • Motorized lid-locking system

Models and Accessories

For more information on these two centrifuges please contact support@camlab.co.uk or call 01954233120

30553036Centrifuge Multi FC5916 230V
30553101Centrifuge Multi FC5916R 230V
30553085Rotor Swing Out 4x750ml ID Sealable
30553104Bucket Microtitre Plate x2 V1
30553119Bucket Microtitre Plate x2 V2
30553121Bucket 1x750ml D99mm Flat Bottom x2
30553124Rack 1x500ml D96mm Falcon x2
30553125Rack 1x250ml D62mm Flat Bottom x2 V1
30553126Rack 1×175/225ml D61mm Falcon x2
30553127Rack 3x100ml D41mm Round Bottom x2
30553128Rack 5x50ml D29mm Falcon x2
30553129Rack 5x50ml D29mm Falconw/R x2
30553130Rack 7x50ml D29mm Falcon x2
30553131Rack 7x50ml D29mm Round Bottom x2
30553132Rack 8x30ml D26mm Round Bottom x2
30553133Rack 14x15ml D17mm Falcon x2
30553134Rack 17x15ml D17mm Falcon x2
30553135Rack 18x15ml D17mm Round Bottom x2
30553136Rack 21x10ml D16mm Round Bottom x2
30553138Rack 32x7ml D13mm Round Bottom x2
30553139Rack 27×1.8/7ml D13mm Vac/Sarstedt x2
30553140Rack 18×4/10ml D16mm Vac/Sarstedt x2
30559377Rack 38×1.1/1.4ml D8mm Sarstedt x2
30553105Holder removing aid for Bucket 30553104
30553117Lid Assembly for  bucket 30553104 PC x2
30553118O-Ring for bucket 30553104 SIL x2 N/A
30553122Lid Assembly for bucket 30553121 PC x2
30553123O-Ring for  bucket 30553121 NBR x10
30553086Rotor Angle 4x500ml ID
30559412Adapter 15×1.5/2.0ml D11mm MTB x2
30559413Adapter 1x250ml D60mm Falcon x3
30559414Adapter 1×175/225ml D61mm Falcon x2
30559416Adapter 1x250ml D60.5mm Falcon x2
30559417Adapter 1×175/225 ml D61.5mm Falcon x2
30559419Adapter 1x50ml D29.5mm Falcon x2
30559420Adapter 3x50ml D29mm Round Bottom x2
30559421Adapter 4x30ml D25.5mm Round Bottom x2
30559422Adapter 6x15ml D17mm Falcon x2
30564850Adapter 1x250ml D61.5mm Flat Bottom x2

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