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Nalgene Desiccator Cabinets – a larger way to preserve moisture sensitive items

A Desiccator is a sealable enclosure containing desiccants used for preserving moisture sensitive items. They are used to protect chemicals which are hygroscopic or react with water from humidity.

The most common desiccators in the laboratory are round and made of heavy glass which usually has a removable platform on which smaller items such as watch glasses or crucibles can be placed and stored.

Camlab have a range of Nalgene Cabinet Desiccators in different sizes which can sit comfortably on the benchtop.





Available in 3 sizes with 2, 3 or 4 removable shelves.

There is a removable lipped tray at the base of each desiccator to hold desiccant. Commomly used desiccants include calcined quicklime or calcined calcium chloride to absorb water vapours.

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