Stirring and heating

Mini stirrers-small but beautiful!!!

2 mag have a great little mini stirrer-Mixdrive XS



2mag MIXdrive 1 XS

Ultra flat, wear-free magnetic stirrer with 1 stirring position, optimized for stirring volume up to 1,000 litres, ideal size for integration.

1 stirring position, 100% maintenance-free and wear-free by inductive 2mag-Magnetic-Drive concept for powerful mixing of solutions, jerk-free stirring even at low speeds.

Fully encapsulated and hermetically sealed stainless steel housing, thread M4 integrated in stainless-steel bottom plate (not HT-version), IP68, water-, dust- and germproof, extremely robust construction and performance, easy to clean and maximum resistance, submersible in water- resp. oil baths, suitable for the use in CO2-incubators and ovens.

2 different temperature ranges available: Basic-version up to +95 °C, HT-version up to +200 °C submerged in water baths and up to +200 °C in ovens, individual dimensions on request.

2mag mixcontroleco 2
2mag mixcontroleco 2

2 mag MIX control eco

Price-optimised control unit for small to medium volumes and the connection of one stirring drive MIXdrive.

Control unit with 10 watts stirring power, speed range from 100 up to 1,200 rpm, SoftStart for reliable catching/centring and safe accelerating of the stirring bar.

Interfaces (0-10 volts, 4-20 mA, RS 232, USB, Ethernet), customized software adaption and stirring bar monitoring on request.

3 years warranty on material and manufacturing

Mini stirring bars or fleas

A whole range of small stirring bars can be found here, some are coloured for easy detection in fluids.

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