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Memmert’s new humidity chamber specially designed for 85/85 testing.

Memmert have recently introduced a new humidity chamber designed for the rigors of 85%/85°C  accelerated testing:

The new HCP50 is a compact 56 litre benchtop model designed especially for applications above room temperature i.e.85/85 testing protocols. The control COCKPIT touch screen control unit is the nerve centre of the new chamber  where all parameters can be set up in three quick steps. The TwinDISPLAY features allows communication using modern interfaces with simple and intuitive programming via the AtmoCONTROL software.

Ideal for 85/85 testing

Adapted features include: Setpoint WAIT function for temperature dependent process run times. Alarm messages via email, and standard feed-throughs on the rear panel support. Like most Memmert climate chambers that operate at room temperatures the HCP humidity chamber has active humidity controls. It has reliable homogeneity of temperature and humidity as well as short recovery times after door opening and with heating on all 6 sides including the door, minimises evaporation and the risks of condensed water dripping onto the test area.

You can find out more about the NEW Memmert HCP50 here or contact support@camlab.co.uk for a more detailed discussion on the right humidity chamber for your application.