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Memmert Constant Climate chamber with light module

Unparalleled precision! Unparalleled reliability! Unparalleled energy-efficiency! With the new optional light module for the constant climate chamber HPP 108, Memmert expands its market leadership in temperature control equipment with Peltier technology. Dimmable LED light, available in two colour temperatures, ensures optimum growth conditions, protects the environment and lowers energy consumption.

HPP108 with light module
HPP108 with light module

Memmert constant climate chamber HPP 108 with light As the first manufacturer worldwide, Memmert now offers a Peltier temperature control appliance with humidity control and light. The LED light module with an average intensity of illumination of 10,000 Lux in the constant climate chamber HPP is perfectly suited for applications such as seed germination, plant cultivation or insect breeding, specially Drosophila breeding, under a constant climate and under daylight conditions.

As an alternative, you can choose cold white light (5,500 Kelvin) or a combination of cold white and warm white light (2,700 Kelvin), dimmable in steps of 10%.
We rely entirely on an energy-saving and eco-friendly LED light source, which has already been used by NASA for experiments in plant cultivation in space. Compared with conventional illuminants such as fluorescent tubes, LEDs benefit the environment in two ways: through their lower energy consumption and through their lower heat emission, reducing the energy needed to cool down the working chamber. In the constant climate chamber HPP, heating and cooling of the interior is done with high-precision Peltier technology, used successfully by Memmert for more than 10 years. Apart from the constant climate chamber HPP, the cooled incubator IPP, the storage chamber IPS and the CDP 115 waterbath cooling unit are all based on this energy-efficient and eco-friendly technology.

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