pH meters and electrodes

Measuring pH and Salt in Food Manufacturing

The Horiba LAQUA twin meters are best suited to a range of different sample types:


1) Immersion

When in the lab you can test an a beaker. Ensure the sensor guard is open.

2) Scoop

Use as a scoop to test water for example from a river

3) Drops

LAQUA Twin meters can measure sample volumes as low as 0.05ml. Place a drop of the sample onto the sensor with a pipette.

4) Solid Samples

Foods containing some moisture can be tested by placing a small piece directly onto the sensor. This method is ideal for food stuffs that contain moisture and small samples can be taken and laid across the flat sensor.

5) Powders

Powder samples can be added directly to the sensor and drop on a  defined volume of water

6) Paper and textiles

To test sheets of paper and textiles cut the sample into small pieces and place directly onto the sensor. Drop on a defined amount of pure water.

LAQUATwin range compressed

Click here for the  full range below, for pH, Salt, Conductivity, Sodium Ion, Potassium, Nitrate, Calcium and Salt.