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Mantech works with the pulp and paper industry

MANTECH Inc. is continuously working with water intensive industries that can benefit from the integration of the PeCOD COD Analyzer. The PeCOD COD Analyzer is capable of measuring soluble Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in 15 minutes utilizing green chemistry, which avoids the use of harmful chemicals while providing a real time COD measurement. Recently, MANTECH Inc. has been working with the pulp and paper industry to help develop and demonstrate novel concepts for the reduction of recalcitrant COD in pulp and paper mills. The initiative within pulp and paper mills to identify COD sources, improve treatment technologies, and optimize effluent flows is being executed by an ACQUEAU project between Canada and Finland.


The kick-off of the project “Novel Concepts for Recalcitrant COD Reduction” took place on April 21, 2016 in Espoo, Finland at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland’s head office. MANTECH Inc. employees Stephen Moore and Stephanie Horner attended the meeting with other project collaborators to discuss the 25-month project deliverables and objectives. The other industrial partners involved are Flootech, Sansox, Kemira, and Sappi. Other supporting partners, including VTT, are Tekes and Eureka. This is a very exciting project for MANTECH Inc., which will allow for development and commercialization of the next generation online PeCOD COD Analyzer. The next generation online PeCOD COD Analyzer will be used for the measurement and verification of recalcitrant COD removal in the wastewater from Sappi’s pulp and paper mill. It is MANTECH Inc.’s goal with this project have a robust, auto-filtering, multi-stream option, accommodate low flowrates and offer wireless data transfer.

For more information on the PeCOD technology or any of the Mantech range get in touch with our team on 01954 233 120, email support@camlab.co.uk or fill in the contact form below.

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